You have to see Liam Hemsworth singing "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus


This is how Liam Hemsworth shows Miley Cyrus who is his number one fan …

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Liam is the sweetest husband! The beautiful actor surprised his wife Miley singing his success ".Party in the USA", The song that debuted 10 years ago and established itself as one of the Smiler's favorite songs.

Liam sang the song for Miley as they headed to the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, Tenn., Where he would give a performance, and while the actor sang at the top of his lungs, he also tried to catch the wife's attention with the phrase "Hey Miley!"

Although Liam adores "Party in the USA", Miley has stated on more than one occasion that she does not like this song:I hate her, but for some reason, people love it."

And what do you think about "Party in the USA"Do you love her like Liam or do you hate her like Miley?

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