Wednesday , November 13 2019
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Woman dies after spectacular crash on the road to Juárez

Chihuahua, Chih.- A 27-year-old girl died Sunday night after a fatal accident on the road to Ciudad Juarez.
The events occurred at kilometer 33 of the Chihuahua-Juarez highway, where the driver of a green Stratus vehicle with EJX1880 plates lost control of its unit while traveling from south to north.
Suddenly, the unit crossed the central ridge and impacted the crew of a Ford Fusion vehicle with EMT9713 license plates, resulting in three injured people, including the driver, who was caught between the twisted wrenches.

Preliminary, it was announced on the spot that the young woman who unfortunately lost her life was identified as Maricela Espinoza Frescas, 27 years.
Also along with the deadly victim, another woman was traveling, which resulted in serious injuries.
In the place it was necessary the presence of three ambulances; two of them from the Red Cross and one more from the SOS rescue group.
Agents of the Municipal Police and Federal Police surrounded the area while elements of the Fire Department aided the rescue work.

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