Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Why so silent?": Galilea launches uncomfortable attack on Escalona in "Today"

Mexico CityAndrea Escalona was presented as the new host of Today but again, the main drivers, Andrea Legarreta and Galilea MontijoIt seems that they did not accept anything.

This can be seen in the last morning program where Galilea Montijo went to Escalona in a rude way.

Drivers with the journalist Martha Figueroa (guest) about the letter he sent Juan Gabriel for Christmas, a matter of which everyone had full attention.

Immediately, Galilea laughed with Martha and Legarreta on the subject of Juan Gabriel, and seeing that Escalona had not played like them, he said:

Andreita, I hear very dumb, sis. So you see we do not let you talk, we hate you, do not we? "

The opinion that Galilee did caused the laughter of everyone, even of Escalona, ​​who replied:

No, you love me, "and he asserted that he had not spoken because he was thinking of the truthfulness of Juan Gabriel's supposed return."

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