Thursday , August 5 2021

Who is the mask? They are the famous people who REFUSED to appear in reality

The famous reality show Who is the mask? It generated a resounding success in Mexican television, since from its first season it managed to put itself in the taste of the public of our country.

The program that is transmitted through the signal of the San Ángel station, has counted on the participation of great figures of the show as Mario bautista, José Manuel Figueroa, Regina brandishedn, Rocio Banquells and the winner Vhadir Derbez.

This last one He showed his great talent on the stage and showed that the opportunities that were given him were not for the simple fact of being the son of Eugenio Derbez, from that moment the actor and influencer managed to catapult his career.

For example, there are interactions that they have in their social networksLikewise, audience rates make it one of the most watched programs in our country, so many of the invited artists have accepted it. collaborate.

Although this was not always the case, since initially the producer of the transmission, Michelangelo FoxIt cost her a lot to get an attractive cast and be willing to put on her boots and sing on stage.

In addition, do everything possible so that the investigators do not discover the identity of the characters. Second portal specialized in shows, he pointed out that among famous that I rejectgoing to the reality show includes:

Erika Buenfil

The TikTok queen refused to participate in the broadcast, as she assured that she had a lot of work in the middle of the pandemic, she would also continue her activities as influence, situation that would not allow you to be in this blockbuster.

Erik Rubín

The singer rejected his participation in the television program where his wife and daughter work, as he had several projects at the door in the midst of a health emergency that prevented him from appearing on the recordings of the famous reality show.

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