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Collectors, a French company that publishes video games, which promised physical games of Nintendo Switch and PS4 In limited editions, it has received a lot of criticism from its customers in recent weeks.

The company was silent for a long time until, due to the delay of the games it promised to deliver, it triggered avalanche of complaints and PayPal disputes, as they remain late with no end date in sight.

In a desperate attempt to ensure customers that they were still working hard to deliver their first release to the Nintendo Switch, PankapuWarned Collectors took screenshots of the Nintendo Developer Portal, which is under NDA (confidentiality agreement), on Twitter:

Super rare games, another company that deals with Nintendo Switch's limited distribution games, found that there was no game code attributed to the physical launch of Pankapu from Warned Collectors, which means that the games have not yet gone into production: without a valid Nintendo game code, it is impossible for Warned Collectors to place an order for game cards. Without a game code, the game would not even enter LotCheck.

With this information, Warned Collectors stated that when they said "the games that were in production" in April 2019 and May 2019, it was not real:

Games Avenue They spoke to developers who worked with Warned Collectors. Surprisingly, the developers themselves have confirmed launches with which the Warned Collectors have remained in the background:

"There is nothing, nothing, nothing … We do not have any information for weeks, and we are actually asking the same questions as you.Were they deceiving us too? On Monday we will try to call to speak directly to them"

The developers of Night Terror Zombie They also had no news after calling them directly in addition to the public information on the website Warned Collectors.

In addition to Pankapu, there is another game that must be released at the same time, Boiling screw for PS4. On June 19, 2019, Warned Collectors still had not registered Boiling Bolt in PEGI, the European Agency for Age rating of video games, which indicates that it is unlikely that the game will be released at the same time as Pankapu.

Community Members Nintendo Switch Collectors have expressed their concerns and concerns about the situation with Warned Collectors, referring to them with statements like «A sinking ship». A video game publisher said Warned Collectors suffersraves liquidity problemsand it would be difficult to change things without outside help.

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