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Walter Mercado: Horoscope Today October 27

Find out what fate has in store for you this Sunday, October 27, 2019! Check the predictions and even your lucky number.


There is a New Moon in the sign of Scorpio. Witch's moon, ideal for Halloween celebration. You feel powerful, mysterious, attractive, sensual and magnetic. Your powers of seduction are sharpened and your natural fire intensifies. His statement today: "I am a being full of power, luck and blessings."

Lucky numbers: 7, 4, 34.


The sacrifice should not exist if there is love in your heart. Whatever you do for others, do it voluntarily, because you were born and want to help. Nothing forced, forced or by duty, unites. Avoid hard feelings. Love others as yourself. His statement today: "I am a being full of peace and love to give to others."

Lucky numbers: 41, 27, 39.


This Sunday, follow your intuition and pay attention to your body. All discomfort should be taken care of. Share more with kids and family. Distracting your mind will be good for your health. Worries and stress affect your physical and emotional health. Express what bothers you. Get rid of it. Your statement today: "I have a right to be happy."

Lucky numbers: 9, 40, 26.


New job responsibilities keep you busy. Even your days off are full of responsibilities to your home, partner, children and friends. Cancel an invitation from someone who has been shown to be disrespectful and unreliable. Stop wasting your time with those who use it and don't value it. Your statement today: "I give up on being used and manipulated."

Lucky numbers: 22, 11, 29.


Your home is embellished with this new moon. Decorate, swap furniture, paint, move the energy of your home. That way you will be directing your mind to new projects, relationships and better physical health. Do it with your personal image. A new haircut, outfit or style will do you good. Your statement today: "Changes are positive for me."

Lucky numbers: 19, 32, 3.


The day has come to say YES to life and all the beauty it offers. The new moon leads you to plan to live in health. For you, Virgoniano, it is important that you stay away from everything that causes you stress, anxiety and that includes toxic or negative people. Your statement today: "I join those who deserve my business."

Lucky numbers: 30, 34, 16.


You are still actively working for your economic progress. Every change you make will be very positive, thanks to the energy of the new moon. You have the gift of expressing yourself effectively, the drive to do bold and different things that you didn't do before. His statement today: "I decide what to invest my time and energy to make me happy."

Lucky numbers: 55, 38, 2.


The new moon visits you. You are motivated to perform any requested or invited activity. You have the impulse to start a project or get an idea. Overseas travel plans are on the agenda. In love, you seek intimacy and commitment. Your statement today: "I like what I get and thank you."

Lucky numbers: 17, 30, 27.


You dare to make a transcendental decision. The new moon activates its power, the fire of its sign, the leadership that defines it. You will leave everything that anchors you to make way for a better lifestyle and quality of life. Healthy, free and spontaneous family life makes you happy. Your statement today: "I live the life I want to live."

Lucky numbers: 32, 18, 19.


The new moon activates your social life. You make new friends, new connections important to your career. You feel that you belong to this group that helps you grow, they accept and respect you. Finally it is time to live a stage of peace and love, full of well-being. His statement today: "I am happy and enjoy all my blessings."

Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 13.

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The time has come to break the emotional currents with people from the past who will no longer be in your life. Make room for the new that will come into your life. Get ready to live happily. You get very important papers, documents or letters. Your statement today: "I have the power to change my gift."

Lucky numbers: 5, 28, 11.


The new moon leads you to express your feelings with this special person. You will communicate with love and only love. All foreign affairs; Travel, business, romance with foreigners will be wonderful for you with the energy of the moon. No one can harm you. His statement today: "I am immune to anyone who wants to harm me."

Lucky numbers: 9, 40, 34.

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