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Video puts CFE manager in trouble

ELABORATION 11/16/2019 07:39

The MTP news portal shared a video in which Carlos is exposed, a directive of CDF in Puebla, having sex with an apparent subordinate.

"The romantic moment between the administrator and a young woman was registered in the CFE, located at Avenida 18 Poniente and Diagonal Defensores de la República, as reported by the office staff, "says the note released by MTP News.

According to the date of the recording, the video corresponds to January 20, 2019; In it, Carlos is seen, dressed in a vest, kissing a young woman.

Although Carlos presumes in his personal accounts of social networks to be "management" in the CFE and having a master's degree in developer leadership, employees point to him as an arbitrary person and to brag that he is a cousin of a union leader, so he is "untouchable."

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