Tracks indicating that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would already be parents


The baby of the Dukes of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, could already have been born. Although the news has not been confirmed, there are clues that have raised many suspicions about it, so we present them.

Probably the biggest indication is as follows: a statement that the Dukes of Sussex published in your official account Instagram, in which they thanked the people who support them in their project to help the most disadvantaged, especially children. Finally, the signature drew attention: "In the name of the Duke, the Duchess and the baby Sussex, we thank you."


The Royal House never makes such direct mention to a baby until it was born, a situation that, of course, aroused suspicions that Meghan's son and Harry were already in his arms.

Another clue to this theory is that Prince Harry has not attended any official ceremony and so far has nothing on his agenda to compromise.


Finally, Meghan was visited by an old friend, the makeup artist of the stars Daniel Martin. The artist was in charge of giving another signal of the possible birth of the real baby, since he published in his Instagram Stories who was with his friend at Frogmore Cottage, the residence where the dukes will live when the baby is born.

The existing bands seem overwhelming, just wait for the news to be confirmed by the British Crown.


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