Toronto Raptor 100-94 Milwaukee Bucks; They will play their first NBA Finals


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Toronto Raptors will contest before Golden State Warriors the first end of the NBA of its history after eliminating this Saturday the Milwaukee Bucks, those who they won 100-94 and won 4-2 in the final global series of the Eastern Conference.

The star forward Kawhi Leonard he was the best of the Canadians again, leading the return of his team when they needed him most and finishing with a stratospheric 27 points, 17 rebounds and seven assists.

Like this, Raptors will face from Thursday in Toronto with Warriors, champion in the last two years and who in the West series swept 4-0 to the Portland Trail Blazers.

O Dollars, who won the first two games of the series and recorded the best balance in the regular season, fell for the fourth consecutive game and watched the venues once again overcome a confrontation that dominated by almost three quarters.

And it's that Milwaukee He took the lead from the start, even enjoying a 13-point lead at the end of the first quarter (31-18), thanks to his spectacular line-up success of six (6/9).

From that moment, they maintained the difference without suffering much, in spite of resting six (50-44).

Leonard seemed to acknowledge the effort of the draw, carrying the fate of his team throughout Playoffs, and was not as effective at attacking or defending after having managed to limit the Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo during the last four declines.

The European signed 58% success in his kicks during the regular season, but had declined in this stage in front of Kawhi, certifying "only" 46% of its launches.

After the break, little has changed: o Dollars they stretched their lead again until the age of 15 with a choral set while Spanish striker Marc Gasol and base Kyle Lowry suffered fouls … until Leonard returned to being the superhero who dominated the league in Last times. weeks


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