To sue, presumed partner of femicide of Ecatepec for forced disappearance


O couple of alleged femicides, composed of Juan Carlos "N" and Patricia "N", has been linked to trial by a judge of the judicial district of Ecatepec for the crime of forced disappearance, for which they already face four criminal proceedings in prison.

According to Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), this is the the first time in the Mexican entity establishes a connection to the process for the crime of forced disappearance committed by individuals.

The prosecutor provided the necessary evidence that the magistrate considered sufficient to initiate legal proceedings against the couple and set a deadline of four months for the investigation to be terminated, in addition to confirm that a precautionary measure preventive detention against both.

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The Attorney General of Mexico accused them of being the Probably responsible for the disappearance of Nancy Naomi, 28, and her two-month-old daughter in the Jardines de Morelos neighborhood on September 6.

That same day, Juan Carlos murdered the young mother when she was in the house of the couple. Nancy Naomi's baby was sold at 15,000 pesos for another marriage, which was also arrested and linked to the process of trafficking in people, in its mode of illegal adoption.

Juan Carlos "N" and Patricia "N" were arrested on Thursday, October 4 in the streets of the Jardines de Morelos neighborhood, when they brought with them a stroller carrying human remains.


Juan Carlos "N" and Patricia "N" were linked for the crime of violation of the laws of burial and exhumation

They link the case to an alleged femicide partner at EcatepecThey link the case to an alleged femicide partner at Ecatepec

After the arrest, searches were conducted in two residences located in the city of Ecatepec; In these buildings, the elements of the FGJEM found more human remains, so that the properties were insured.

Juan Carlos and Patricia face four different crimes. Against Respect for the Dead and Violations of the Laws of Injunction and Exhumation, trafficking in persons, in the form of illegal adoption, femicide and enforced disappearance committed by individuals,

In his ministerial statement, Juan Carlos said he had killed 20 women, but so far the ministerial authorities have only proven that he murdered one, Nancy Naomi.

The FGJEM continues with the inquiries to determine the probable participation of these two people in several feminicides committed in the municipality of Ecatepec.

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