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This will work for you in Death Stranding


During the recent months, Hideo Kojima There are been revealing new details about the gameplay systems in Death stranding. At the beginning of the year, Kojima Adelantó that the game would not have a typical "game over" screen. In the same way, during Tokyo Game Show 2019, el Creative Director how will the system work? Likes. Now, more detail has arisen about both of them, particularly about what will happen once the health bar of our person reaches the spot.

Kojima platicó with the Japanese publication Famitsu, offering some how many details about the systems of the game. The interview was translated by redditor u / damnlee and this is what I discovered:

“There is no game over in this game. A traditional game will restart the moment before you change. En DS is not hacemos eso. If Sam changes, his soul will be trapped in an “ocean space”. Sam must get his body to go back to life. The first trailer is where Sam changes and his soul is swept everywhere. ”

This sentence suggests that the scene of the play in the original game is representative of what happens when Sam changes. I had a sense, and I could explain why we have not wanted to see this scene since then.

During the interview of Famitsu, Kojima also made a little about the system of Likes. It's not necessarily optional, but the player will automatically send a positive reaction to another player when using any of his creations.

“If you used something that was created by another player, the system will automatically give you a like. After using it, you can manually give it another like. In total you can give the likes to some building / infrastructure. The people who have tried the system have different opinions. The testers of America do not like the way the guy sends likes without his consent. The Japanese are good with this system. ”

Recently the price is revealed that will tend to PS4 Pro Special Edition Death Stranding, and if you are interested and we suggest you to think about it very much because it is likely to be delayed quickly.

Death stranding sale a la 08 noviembre exclusively for Playstation 4.

Source: Famitsu

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