This was the expected explosion of the Fortnite cube


A new event brought together players this afternoon Fortnite around the purple cube that fans know as Kevin. At 18:00 UTC, the cube started beating, then spinning and finally exploded.

After the explosion, a burst of white light carried the players into a white world (a Matrix and The good place). I was there, suspended in space, when I was thrown back to Balsa Botín, where there is a new island with a kind of Stonehenge and a rainbow in the middle. (Later they killed me).

I have no idea what that stands for (my game ended up happening, as it did with other players), but I'm sure there are people gathering all the clues to clear up the mystery.

Last week, Epic announced that something big was going to happen when he advised players to attend the end of the Halloween event "Nightmare before the Tempest." Many players suspected that this event would be the end of Kevin, and the dataminers of Fortnite they found references to cracking the cube and the code name "butterfly", which suggested something would come out of the cube when it was destroyed.

Kevin was born in August of 2018 when he was raised by lightning near Oasis Ostentatious. Not happy with his humble beginnings, he left the house the next day to follow his passion of rolling on the game map, leaving bright purple runes in his wake. In mid-September, Kevin destroyed part of the Chopped Floors before turning Balsa Botín into a purple trampoline.

At the beginning of Season 6, Kevin emerged from the lake and created an island in the sky. Then the island began to move around the map activating the runes, which became corrupt areas filled with stones from the shadows. At the beginning of the event "Nightmare before the Tempest", the island broke and Kevin threw a flash of purple light (and also monsters). Since then, Kevin has been unfolding, which has led to today's events.

DEP, Kevin. Hi, new cyber-butterfly gentleman.


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