Some drivers Tesla they received a software update that activates the advanced mode to call or invoke the car, which allows it to drive autonomously within a parking lot to approach the owner.

The invocation is made from the application of Tesla and is a considerable improvement for the function that until now only allowed the car to move forward or back, for example, to leave a parking space where there is no space to open the doors.

Elon Musk mentioned days ago in its account Twitter that the advanced convening function would reach a small group of drivers at the beginning and little by little more customers. Future improvements will allow the car to follow in its footsteps as a pet or a remote control mode.

Two videos show the advanced calling operation and it is quite impressive. They are not Tesla employees, but car owners who have already received the upgrade:

Musk too mentioned in October last year that the advanced callout will also allow a driver to get out of the car and let him start spinning within a parking area until he finds an empty square and completely independently park.

The new advanced evocation mode does not use ultrasonic sensors, but uses Automatic pilotaligned with the company's view that autonomous driving can be achieved through artificial intelligence.