This is how Persona 5's Joker will fight in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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<p><em><strong>Super Smash Bros. Ultimate</strong> </em>you will receive your next DLC fighter soon: <strong>Joker</strong>, the protagonist of <em><strong>Person 5</strong></em>. Now and after a few months of waiting, <strong>Nintendo</strong> finally lets us take a look at the fighting style that this unique character will have, which, in addition, will come very well accompanied by the rest of the <strong>Phantom thieves.</strong></p>
<p><strong>Joker</strong> he will be distinguished for being a fast and agile character who will fight using various weapons such as daggers, pistols and even hooks and magic attacks. Obviously he will have an ace up his sleeve: <strong>Arsene</strong>. The protagonist of <em><strong>Person 5</strong></em>    he will have a special bar that will be filled with his special attack or with every blow he receives, and when he fills it, he will summon his Person who will help him by increasing and improving the power of his attacks. On the other hand, <strong>Final Smash</strong> is <em>All off attack</em> and consists of his special iconic team attack that we saw in their respective game in which he attacks all the enemies on the screen to finish with a special art.</p>
<p>But <strong>Joker</strong> will not be the only content of <strong>Person</strong> what will arrive <strong>Smash</strong>. Next to the character will also be added the scenario of <strong>Memories</strong> which will be distinguished by changing the background color depending on the background music which, incidentally, comes from both <strong><em>Person 5</em></strong>    as of<em><strong>    Person 3 and 4</strong></em>    In addition, in this we will see appear in the background for the rest of the <strong>Phantom thieves.</strong></p>
<p>What do you want more? Well then added to the above, within the new update will also be added new spirits based on the characters of <em><strong>Person 5</strong></em>, costumes allusive to the characters of the franchise of <strong>Atlus</strong> (as <strong>Teddie</strong> and the protagonist <strong>Yu</strong> in <strong><em>Person 4</em></strong>, <strong>Makoto</strong> the protagonist of <em><strong>Person 3</strong></em>    and <strong>Morgana</strong>) it's from <strong>Sonic The Hedgehog</strong>.</p>
<p>And for all that, when will be added to <strong>Joker</strong> in <strong><em>Super Smash Bros. Ultimate</em></strong>? No more and no less than tomorrow, Wednesday, April 17, for all the owners of the <strong>Fighter pass</strong>. In addition, the character pack will be sold individually for $ 6.</p>
<p>Last but not least, with the arrival of the Joker will also be added some free content for all players. These consist of modes such as <strong>Scenario Creator, Video Editing, Option to Share Content Created</strong> and even application compatibility <strong>Smash World</strong> This will allow us to see the things that players do to share, forge spiritual teams and more.</p>
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch


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