They report that "Momo" is back and now on YouTube Kids: is the threat real?


In recent days, global alerts have surfaced among parent groups, the media, and even multi-site police on some videos on the YouTube Kids platform that show Violent or unsuitable content for children. Among the complaints is the return of & # 39; Momo & # 39 ;, a viral character involving the user with a dangerous challenge ending with some act of violence or suicide.

They find suicide instructions on YouTube Kids videos

The call Momo Challenge (or "Momo challenge") became viral in the summer of 2018, when reports of children with self-mutilation as a result of interactions on Facebook and Whatsapp with a character named & # 39; Momo & # 39;. Like the blue whale game, users have to follow a series of instructions, but if they deviate from the game, the hacker threatens them with macabre images or videos, or even a curse.

Although early reports of minors who took their lives for playing the & # 39; Momo challenge & # 39; they ended up being a scam, the challenge has become a viral phenomenon, accentuated by the dark design of the character. It was later revealed that the misshapen figure with bulging eyes was a sculpture created by a design house in Japan, but this did not help stop the morbidity of users who tried to replicate the viral challenge on their own.

The latest fear about this challenge in YouTube Kids is attributed to a collective hysteria, a YouTube statement said:

Unlike press reports, we have not received any recent evidence of videos that show or promote the Momo challenge on YouTube. Such content would violate our policies and be deleted immediately.

Unlike YouTube's core platform, it's harder for YouTube Kids to filter content that could disrupt a child's audience. However, a Florida mother reported earlier this month that she found videos on YouTube Kids that showed a man giving instructions on how to cut the arm veins to commit suicide.

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