They order preventive detention for a couple who allegedly stole the baby Nancy


A control judge, set preventive detention against Estela and António, the couple implicated by kidnapping of aggravated minor Nancy, less than 8 months old, robbed in the vicinity of Metro General Hospital in Mexico City.

The hearing began an hour late and at the request of the Public Prosecutor and by order of the judge in charge of the court, Alejandro Jiménez Villarreal, was conducted behind closed doors without access to media.

Assisted by a commercial lawyer and two translators, a Nahuatl speaker and another from the Mixtec language, the couple involved in the robbery asked for double the deadline to present evidence in their defense.

His private lawyer was unable to enter the hearing because he was late.

Apparently the lady suffers from an illness in the head, we still do not have knowledge of everything and some videos, which is all that is going to be exhibited … One is from the state of Veracruz, apparently, and the other lady is from the state of Oaxaca "said Salvador Reséndiz, defense attorney for the defendant.

Relatives of the accused appeared in the Southern Prison courts, where the hearing was opened without giving any statements.

Neither Nancy's parents nor their relatives were present.

The next hearing of the case will be held on April 24.

DNA Tests

The Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City (PGJ-CMX) reported in a statement that based on DNA tests conducted in Nancy Tirzo Sanchez, an 8-month-old baby stolen near the Subway. and recovered in the municipality of Nezahualcoyotl State of Mexico, his kinship with María Magdalena, his mother, was confirmed.

The baby was delivered to the family and reported in optimal health.

Neighborhood network of Nezahualcóyotl, vital to recover baby Nancy Tirzo

This afternoon, in Room 5 of the Southern Congregation Control Courts, the initial hearing was held against the couple who allegedly bought the girl at 6,000 pesos.

Both are accused of the crime of abducted minor abduction, so that pre-trial detention could be imposed to face their private legal process of liberty.

This Saturday they held an initial hearing against a couple who had a baby Nancy

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