They finished your face! César Montes suffered a tremendous hussy,


Mexico City /

A tremendous blow that led to the Striped, César Montes, in a game within his area, where he left very injured.

The young people back from the Gang, in his attempt to reject a center of sharks has put his head to the ball. However, by his bad luck, his companion also came to the ball Johan Vásquez who connected with the instep in the face of Puppy.

Immediately, Mountains He fell practically knocked into the grass after the brutal blow, there was even blood on the player's face, which was caused by the impact on the nose. The medical assistants entered, assessed the player and could not continue on the field.

In his place the Colombian had to enter Stefan MedinaWhile Mountains He left in the "misfortune cart" hoping to know the magnitude of the blow that took him out of the game.


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