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They discover that medicine already on sale could block cancer

Multiplication of the cancer cells could be avoided using a commercially available drug, according to the results of the mouse tests performed by a team of Purdue University of the United States and which were recently published in the journal Cancer Research.

It is about fostamatinibdrug sold under the brand Tavalisse and is intended for the treatment of a chronic immune disease. However, the experiment showed that its ability to inhibit the protein known as "spleen tyrosine kinase," or simply "Syk", and blocks the cancerous cells of the breast, preventing them from producing cancerous tumors.

If the method, dubbed by scientists to "lock and lock", prove its efficacy with humans, can change the treatment of this disease, explained Michael Wendt, one of the authors of the study, on Friday. MedicalXpress. Instead of trying to "undo the cancer body," as it is done today – which is impossible because of the widespread and highly adaptable cancer cells – in the future, doctors can block their growth.

"Maybe we should not try to kill all the cancer cells, but keep them in a low state that does not generate any kind of symptom," proposed the researcher.

Therefore, cancer can be considered and treated as a chronic disease. Fortunately, fostamatinib was originally created as a drug to cure such disorder and has a low toxicity, so it is appropriate to take for years.

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