They discover how to make humans "invisible" to mosquitoes


American scientists have discovered that the mosquitoes use scent as a primary means to detect their victims, finding a way for the experts to make people "undetectable" to these insects.

The study, published in the current scientific journal Current Biology, focused its research on the role played by the odor of comitted volatile sweat acids from people to attract mosquitoes.

The smell of the human body is a complex mixture of volatile chemicals that sets us apart from other possible guests. " Researchers

According to experts, the key is in an olfactory co-receptor known as Ir8a. The researchers found that mosquitoes devoid of a functional version of this gene feel less attracted to humans.

  • These results open the possibility of further studies production of mosquito repellents more effective.

Deleting the Ir8a function eliminates approximately 50% of the guest's search activity. " Researchers

Objective of the investigation

The main author of the study, Matthew DeGennaro, a mosquito neurobiology researcher at the International University of Florida in Miami, says his ultimate goal is to develop a perfume that protects people from mosquito bites.

Transmission of diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, zika and malaria can be blocked if we prevent these mosquitoes from biting us. " Matthew DeGennaro, researcher

In an interview with the online scientific news service EurekAlert, the researcher noted that "to find new solutions and prevent mosquito bites" you need to understand the molecular basis of their behavior.

  • Experts now expect to get an even more detailed view of the path IR8a. The next step will focus on conducting chemical tests to create new mosquito repellents and attractants.

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