They cruelly kill a woman and leave a raw message with her body


Iztapalapa.- A woman was cruelly murdered in the neighborhood of Urban Development Quetzalcoatl in Iztapalapa. The murder shook the inhabitants of the place, who did not believe what happened, besides noting that together The body of the victim was a crude message.

"That's for putting me in jail and running," said the message from the attacker or the attackers.

A neighbor was the one who found the woman lifeless, this, after she heard strange noises and went to visit the victim. When he arrived at the female's house, he noticed that the door was open and he entered and observed the cruel scene; the woman's body was bloody on the floor, face down, half naked and with visible marks of blows. The neighbor called the police and an ambulance, however, when emergency services arrived at the scene only confirmed the woman's death.

The occident was identified as Arely & # 39; N & # 39 ;, 66 years old. By the message found next to the body, the staff of the Attorney General's Office of the Attorney General of Mexico City, believes that the murder was a revenge. Authorities have begun investigating the whereabouts of those responsible for the crime, La Prensa reported.

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