They cover payment for almost all resident physicians


The National Assembly of Resident Doctors announced that in most of the previously affected hospitals payments were made

Regeneration, April 17, 2019. In the last few hours the payment of the three fortunes and the reimbursement of the sexennial bonus to the resident doctors of the five hospitals that were pending have been regularized, and now there are only a few particular cases to which it will be followed.

This was reported to Notimex by the physician Eva García Armendariz, of the Management Committee of the National Assembly of Resident Physicians, detailing that in the meeting held with the Director of Administration of the Ministry of Health, Pedro Flores, it was confirmed that the payments have already been made.

In an interview, he explained that at this meeting members of the Committee of Residents of the General Hospital of Mexico participated, who previously decided to conduct their own struggle without joining the Assembly, who were also invited to participate.

Residents of the General Hospital of Mexico responded that they would consider the proposal. Regarding the meeting this afternoon, the Ministry of Health gave representatives of the Assembly information on particular cases of doctors who, due to paperwork or specific administrative problems, have not yet received their payments.

These are already considered specific cases to which the Secretariat will follow up with the follow-up of the Assembly, until all issues are resolved. However, the two hospitals in Aguascalientes, one in Baja California and two in Veracruz where the money has not yet flowed, are now resolved and now the next step is to look forward, how to achieve a proper legal status for resident physicians.

Even the National Assembly of Resident Doctors considers the transformation into another type of body, such as a residents' union, a civil association, or another more permanent, time-bound, and better organized, division of labor by states and specialized committees.

In fact, Garcia Arizmendi said that a National Residents Forum is being planned soon, where these issues will be addressed. Even before this proposal, the Director of Administration of the Secretariat offered to lend them the auditorium of the Siglo XXI Medical Center.

As for the legislative issue, they said that they will continue the path of the first meeting with the Health Committee of the Chamber of Deputies (today it was the representative of the President of that body, Miroslava Sánchez Galván) and only then go to the Senate.

He explained that several senators and deputies came to know the issue and offer their help in the negotiations, "but we prefer to follow the pattern and not bow to any particular political party, because this fight is not partisan."

She said that she was satisfied with how much was achieved in such a short time (today the National Assembly of Resident Doctors has a presence in 93 hospitals across the country) and said the fight in the future is longer but also very important to achieve the indispensable legal changes.

He warned that resident doctors from private hospitals, IMSS and ISSSTE have already approached, although this is a different and new job before other instances. For the time being, the important thing is for residents to consolidate a more formal network in the future.

He noted that the problem of doctors is not limited to residents, but also to those who have finished their studies, spent a year in the hospital and still need to complete another year of social service, earning two thousand pesos per fortnight sometimes. in remote and poorly equipped places.


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