Thursday , October 21 2021

They catch Daniel Bisogno kissing another man, after the separation of his wife


After it was announced that they met Daniel Bisogno supposedly kissing another man in the Zona Rosa, the video of the driver's kiss was broadcast.

Entertainment magazine TVNotes It is what launched the supposed clip that already has more than 3 thousand reproductions in so few hours. In the video you see Daniel Bisogno dance, flirt and kiss another man in the party.

Apparently, the scene was captured last weekend after the announcement of the alleged separation of Bisogno with his still wife Elementary proficiency with whom he has a daughter. In the images the actor of Tenorio Comic: 4th Transformation in a popular gay club in the Zona Rosa, located on Antwerp street.

See here the supposed recording where the popular driver of Sale He clings to kisses on another subject.

So far, the actor has not given any statement about it. But already in the social networks of the program Ventan they begin to question their sexual preferences. They ask for an explanation, just as it usually does for celebrities who are involved in some controversy.

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