They arrest a priest for the murder of Leonardo Avendaño


Authorities arrested a priest for his alleged involvement in the murder of Leonardo Avendaño, A 29-year-old graduate of the Intercontinental University Master's Program (UIC), according to Attorney General of Mexico City (PGJCDMX).

The unit will hold a press conference on Thursday, June 20 at 9:45 am to expand the information on the case.

In the meantime, the First Archdiocese of Mexico issued a statement saying that it was attentive to the progress of the case, and hoped that "the work of the authorities responsible for the investigation and prosecution of justice will be effective, rigorous, strictly respectful of the law and justice." Respect for the guarantees and human rights of victims, their families and those who are eventually accused of any responsibility. "

On Tuesday, June 11, around 11 PM, Leonardo was deprived of his freedom and found dead the day after, inside his truck, with signs of torture and suffocation, "according to his relatives.

On Thursday, June 13, prosecutor Ernestina Godoy of Mexico City confirmed the discovery and identification of Avendaño and the opening of the murder case, although she denied that it was a kidnapping because "there was no request ask for a ransom. "

University student, teacher and aspiring priest: he was Leonardo, another young man murdered at CDMX

The young man was originally from Mexico City. Graduated in Theology from the Intercontinental University (UIC), and recently the Master in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy by the same teaching institution.

A few weeks ago, he had a party at his aunt and uncle's house to celebrate his graduation.

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Intentional homicides in the nation's capital have grown more than 30 percent in just one year. The case of Leonardo is added to that of Norberto and Aideé, other students killed in recent months.

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