These are the favorite brands of Mexican cell phones; Nokia last


Through a study, the Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) announced the competitive ecosystem of the smartphone market, in which it explained the most demanding cellphone brands at the end of 2018, in which 121.8 million cell phone lines were counted, of which 106.7 million were smartphones.

According to its report, since the end of 2013 the Samsung positioned itself as the leading manufacturer of equipment with the largest market share in Mexico, with a total of 359% of the total devices in the country by the end of 2018.

"Samsung has invested heavily in research and development (R & D) to incorporate the most advanced innovations in its flagship devices, such as the" S "series, the" Note "and its new folding device," says CIU.

Behind Samsungis, for the first time, the Motorola with 12.3%, which means a growth of 1.3% each year, since it proved the scale in the preference of the Mexicans for the durability and resistance of their screens.

Third place is busy Lg with 11.1% of market share, which is a setback, since it had a significant drop compared to the previous year, when it had 14.6% of the total smartphones in the country.

"The commercial offer of the competition has made users of this manufacturer migrate to other technological options," he explained in his CIU study.

While the remaining positions occupy them Apple with 10.9%, which also registered losses in the Mexican market due to lack of innovation and better offers from its competitors; followed by Huawei with 9.5% and Alcatel with 5.5%, the first registering growth that positions it among its competitors.


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