There will be a pink moon on Friday; It was believed that every phenomenon occurred every 60 years. – NEWS OF PEACE


It is the fourth full moon of the year, the phenomenon is annual, previously believed to happen every 60 years

This Friday, April 19, there will be an astronomical phenomenon, the Luna Rosa, which will be the first full moon after the spring equinox that occurred on March 20.

It will coincide with the celebration of Good Friday, a very important day for those who profess the Christian faith.

The pink moon is the fourth moon full of the year and was given that name as it heralds the emergence of "pink moss", which represents the beginning of spring.

The name of this moon comes from the Native Americans, who named it taking into account their calendar of plantations and in honor of the flowers that occur at this time.

The Pink Moon is also known as "Budding of the Moon of the Grass "," the Moon of the Eggs ", or the" Lunda of the Fishes ".

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