Sunday , October 24 2021

The Wolves move to Juarez


This is the chronicle of a team that wanted to be First, but had a second treatment. And its history in the League MX is about to end.

Question of hours for the official announcement to be made: Lobos BUAP they will change their skin, they will be the Braves of FC JuarezSo the old adventures of Mexican football are back in style.

The story is like this. Annual Meeting of Mexican Football. Sunday, June 9 at night. In the hotel headquarters, it seems Alejandra de la Vega, chairman of the border team, who makes a "mystical" statement: "If the stars are aligned …".

It seems that if they did not line up, they would be forced to do so. Monday, June 10 Álvaro Navarro, Vice-President of the Braves, walks happily through the lobby of the hotel. And it seems Manuel Lapuente. The multiple winner of titles as coach and still sports director Poblano club for soon, just to say, "I do not know anything …".

He does not say things by name, but he implies: "It's just that the League makes it official, that[[[[Enrique] Bonilla president

presidencyela[presidentedo[presidentedelaLeague MX]give your permission "
He looks confused. The whole project he followed for a year, died, but "it's not something that's in my hands.

We were doing things well, our next step was to aspire to the highest … Today I do not know what will happen. "No one else faces. Navarro keeps going and not letting go of a single word.

Bonilla gives the face, without giving: "Tomorrow [hoy] let's give a press conference, we'll talk about everything. "But someone asks the question: is everything reality told? Lobos BUAP?

"Everything in this life can be a reality." The reality is that the Lobos BUAP will become the FC Juarez Braves at the League MX and in the Uploading, the poblanos will have a place.

Alejandra de la Vega's team, it is said, will pay about $ 25 million to Mario Mendívil, owner of the licántropos franchise, which in turn will give 90 million pesos to Benemérita Universidad de Puebla, for the use of the name.

Everything is cooked, although even today – at dawn – the Lobos BUAP be part of League MXIt will not be for long. Bonilla's conference is scheduled for around noon and everything will be revealed … And the change will materialize.

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