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We can remember The calm before? Of course! The fair was an excuse to show the impossible force of Alpha; 3 they were the main characters of The Walking Dead Who died in the pits? Henry, Tara and Enid. The decision to decapitate nominees and other 7 was strange for the production of AMC ever since, ALWAYS left important events for the end of the season, and what was worse, in full cliffhanger.

In our recapitulation of The calm before we asked: How would I get in the final episode of the season? AMC to find a new plot that is until the moment of the pikes? Well, we think we even got over it.

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In the middle of a temporary jump (something we learned later due to the advanced pregnancy of Rosita), the episode focused on survivors almost 100%. A snowstorm struck them hard. The kingdom finally fellcould no longer be sustained Ezequiel He decides to leave with yours for Ridge to survive. The return to Sanctuary It was not what we expected: a lot of talk without content. I only know the different positions in terms of The Whispers and its limits.

There is not much action on the road, but there are some other setbacks: when crossing an icy river you find some hikers in the winter and scary that come out of the snow.

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Although they hesitate to cross the territory of Alpha, survivors need to take a short cut. They do not meet The Whispers on the road, even when crossing the border. Speaking of the bad guys, let's remember what's left of them among the communities. Lydia He is in a suicidal moment, bah, two moments: at first, he tries to get a walker to bite her and Carol he sees her and she is frightened; in the second, the young question Carol that he kills her by feeling bad about what happened to Henry. That does not happen, of course. What will become of this little girl from now on? The truth is that her bow has no more logic … Bah, it depends: maybe she kills Alpha at the end of War against the Whisperer.

When the group of The kingdom reaches Ridge, Carol ends with Ezequiel. She tries to give the ring back, but Ezequiel he does not accept: he will always love. The tension between King and Daryl goes up since the old monarch of The kingdom blame him for the death of Henry… future fight?


Carol decide to join Daryl, Aaron, Michone and Lydia on the way to Alexandria.

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Perhaps the most interesting part of the episode, before the last minutes, are precisely the moments Alexandria. Families have to cluster inside houses with chimneys unceasingly lit to survive the cold. This is the reason why let it out Negan of his cell, which first gives us the most comical moments of the last episodes and, in turn, manages to begin his path to redemption: Judith he runs out looking for Dog in the middle of the snowstorm; Negan he will seek it out; When he finds it, he is freezing and suffers from hypothermia; Negan he wraps it in his jacket and takes it home. Oh! ODog It's ok! (I.e. Judith he arrived. Dog accompanies Negan when it is necessary Judith House.

Already with Michonne again in the community, the conversation with Negan It is quite curious: allies against the common evil? clear

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And the end was what gave us everything, as he always used to do AMC, but with better quality: there are two mini cliffhangers, one logical and the other unexpected. On the one handand after the storm Alpha he says to Beta which should be made stronger, then he asks her to punish her with the stick of a tree, as she did with Lydia: The Whispers they survived for the future war against the allies. On the other hand, Ezequiel is talking to Judith through long-range radio; both cut off communication and we hear a voice coming from the radio Ezequiel which says something like "Hello? Is anyone there?" But no one is in the room to hear … We are not sure who it is. Will be Rick? This theory was circulating in a strong way, but we do not think so: the voice belongs to a woman, without doubt.

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Yes, once again the people of AMC did: The Walking Dead leaves us with a hyper cliffhanger, but logical because it is not epic out of necessity. The series has improved and we applaud for it.


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