The screens of some of Samsung's foldable phone units are crashing after a short period of use


The Samsung Galaxy Fold is a few days to reach the market and is already involved in a controversy. Several media, mainly from the US, have received units for analysis of this device, but report that only a few days after using them they are breaking

BloombergCNBC and The Verge They are reporting problems with their units, specifically with screens. Either they break, one of the sections blinks or a large part of the panel is definitely off.

The funny thing is that the problems originated in a different way. For example Mark Gurman in Bloomberg says he removed a protective film which included the screen (Samsung never reported that he should not remove it) and from there, he began to notice the problems. The same thing happened with the youtuber Marques Brownlee, who also attempted to remove this protective film.

However, since CNBC they say that in their unit a section of the screen started flashing after two days of normal use. They mention that their unit, to this day, is completely unusable.

The Verge reported that the screen of his unit broke. According to the middle, the section of the panel where the fold is made, and where the hinge is, presented a small bulge days after it has begun to use it, which in turn broke a few lines of the panel.

It should be remembered that all those units that present problems are those that Samsung provides the means for analysis, but it is not known whether they are part of a particular batch of units or are the same that will reach consumers. We contacted Samsung to receive a position on the subject, at the time of publication of this post, we did not receive a response.

It is announced next week in Mexico

The Galaxy Fold is Samsung's first foldable phone and also one of the most expensive in the catalog: will cost $ 1,980 in the US and has a full release on April 26.

Double Mexico

Next week there will be a press event to learn about the official price of Galaxy Fold in Mexico, where we also hope to get our hands on them to give them our impressions.


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