Tuesday , September 21 2021

The price of the dollar rises in Mexico on October 25

This is Sunday, October 25 him dollar price in Mexico, there was an increase in buying and selling, since its exchange rate gained 0.0036 pesos, increasing its price at the bank’s windows.

It should be noted that the dollar presented an average value in the exchange rate in the first hours in the country, since it could be verified in 20.8391 mexican pesos, which is maintained for two consecutive days with its value above the 20 pesos.

It should be noted that in Mexico each bank has a variable value in the buying and selling dollars.

Purchase price

On the other hand, the dollar price of the purchase was measured in the 20,558 pesos, while its window value per sale was on average during the 21.0903 pesos.

Finally, for the payment of obligations in official institutions, it is valued at 21.03 pesos, while in SAT it is valued at 21.03 pesos.

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