The millionaire failure of Manchester City


The investment of Manchester City for what Pep Guardiola I have the yearning for Champions League He went back to being a failure.

O Citizens They have invested the stratospheric amount of 604 million euros in reinforcements since the Spaniards took over the reins of the club.


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<p>Total: 213.5 MILLION EUROS</p>
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Total: 313.5 MILLION EUROS


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<p>Total: EUR 77 MILLION</p>
<p>Since the 2016/17 season that came to England, football has turned its back <strong>Guardiola</strong> being eliminated in the second round of the <strong>Champions League</strong>; the next season came out in the quarterfinals, as in the recent campaign.</p>
<p>In his four seasons as a culé strategist, the Barca team spent 341.5 million euros and with the Bavarians in the three campaigns in the Bundesliga, only 203.9 million were invested.</p>
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