The Mercedes GLC 2019 is updated with more technology and micro-hybrids (+26 photos)


Mercedes-Benz updates its reference SUV. The new Mercedes GLC, the heir of what we knew as Mercedes GLK, arrives aesthetically revised, with more technology and important developments in its line of engines, which now include micro-hybrid solutions that will ensure, among other things, that it receives the label ECO What other news does this new Mercedes GLC 2019 carry?

A revised Mercedes GLC, inside and out

Mercedes-Benz features an SUV that has been revised inside and out, updating the most common details in these cases, the understandable in an update at the equator of the commercial life of a product. Defenses, grille, wheel sets and headlights have been revised, with LED lights as standard and optionally with LEDs complete with adaptive beams, with Mercedes MULTIBEAM technology.

Interesting steering assistants are featured as an aid to maneuver when hauling a trailer or an assistant that intervenes in traffic jams to facilitate positioning the car so as to form a lane that paves the way for emergency services. This in Germany is something more than a common, commendable and civic practice, the German regulation requires motorists who in traffic jams facilitate the emergency lane.

Mercedes GLC gasoline engines feature micro-hybrid technology and therefore ECO label, with 10 kW electric motor-generator and 48-volt electric wiring

Semi-hybrid engines for the Mercedes GLC

The supply of Mercedes GLC diesel engines is articulated around the 163 hp 200 d 4MATIC GLC, the 194 hp 220 d 4MATIC GLC and the 245 hp 300 d 4MATIC GLC, in all four-cylinder inline, all-wheel drive, without hybrid solution or micro-hybrid.

But the interesting thing comes with the Mercedes GLC gasoline engines, which incorporates a 48 volt electrical system and a 10 kW energy delivery and recovery system. Thanks to this solution, the gasoline engines of the GLC will receive, among other things, the label ECO. The range consists of a 200 HP 4MATIC GLC 200 and a 258 HP 4MATIC GLC 300.

Having met the new Mercedes A-Class and the new generation of the compact Mercedes-Benz, the interior of the Mercedes GLC may look even old-fashioned.

The new Mercedes GLC has no dual-screen system, like other Mercedes-Benz products, but that does not prevent it from having 12.3-inch digital instrumentation and an entertainment system, available with a 7 "or 10.25" screen, which now has MBUX technology. which, among other things, introduces the voice assistant we can invoke by mentioning "Hey Mercedes".

The new Mercedes GLC will arrive in the dealerships in the middle of this year of 2019.

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