The measles epidemic can hit Mexico ?


The arrival of a measles outbreak in Mexico is imminent. Several states in the United States New York, Washington, Michigan, New Jersey and California are on health alertbecause of the measles epidemic, 555 cases reported so far in 2019, whereby the likelihood that any of the Mexicans traveling to these areas may be infected and return poorly to our country is considerable. However, The Mexican government has assured that there is no reason to fear, as they have everything under control.

And this is despite being you.a disease completely eradicated in several countriesThe virus is spreading all over the world at an accelerated speed since 2018, as a form of prevention, the health authorities of our country, have strengthened detection mechanisms in hospitals and health centers.

The measles epidemic may hit Mexico


Since February 2019, in the National Epidemiological Surveillance Committee issued a press release, wherea prevention and action plan in the case of the epidemic of sArampion arrives in our country, in which it is contemplated strengthen and maintain vaccine coverage at the national level, strengthen epidemiological surveillance as well as a rapid response plan.

O Health's Secretary, For its part, a Vaccination campaign for babies and all those at riskor receive the "First and second doses of measles, rubella and mumps vaccine in all municipalities". According Hugo Ramírez-Gattel, undersecretary of prevention and health promotion, Mexico is prepared in the hypothetical case of cases of measles imported from other countries.

The measles epidemic may hit Mexico

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Measles is aa disease that can lead to death in children and adults, so it is important that All Mexicans are vaccinated and take the necessary precautions in case of any contingencyThe. Above all, if you plan to travel out of the country, The WHO recommends vaccination at least 15 days in advance.

According to data from the World Health Organization, during the 2018, there were 5 cases of measles, who were isolated and treated in a timely manner. As we can see in the following graphic, the virushas not reached us thanks to preventive measures, but countries like Italy, llThey went to present 3,286 cases in 2014.

measles virus table


During the inauguration of the Forum for Strengthening School Environments, convened by the United Nations, López-Gatell reported that so far, Mexico records only one case of imported measles contagion and is expected to be between two and three dozen in 2019. However, WHO warns that the measles epidemichas covered all regions, from the poorer nations to the richest, so it is best not to lower your guard.

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