Tuesday , April 20 2021

The maintenance diet is a low carbohydrate diet: your doctor

Just by changing the proportion of macronutrients without changing the number of calories, weight loss would be achieved and could also be maintained in the medium to long term.

Once you meet your body weight goals, through a balanced diet plan and not through miracle products or extreme diets, you are wondering if there is maintenance diet.

According to Official Mexican Standard (NOM-043)"Health promotion and education in food", gives Ministry of Health (SSA), O diet defines the set of foods and dishes that are consumed each day and that constitute the food unit.

In this sense, the correct diet must comply with 6 basic characteristics: balanced, complete, innocuous, sufficient, varied and adequate.

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The best maintenance diet?

Therefore, a diet should consider not only short-term goals; the medium and long term goals are also important and determinants of health.

In this respect, a recent publication The BJM would provide the key to achieve the desired weight and also maintain it.

The work carried out by researchers from the Boston Children's Hospital, reveals that a low diet carbohydrates increase the chances of losing weight and avoid obesity because it increases the number of calories burned at rest.

To achieve these results, the researchers studied 234 overweight and Obesity, that is, with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 25.

Then the maintenance diet consisted of a calorie restriction of 60% of its need, although the proportion of macronutrients was the same for all:

1. Carbohydrates (45%)

2. Fats (30%)

3. Proteins (25%).

Thus, the authors' conclusion was that those people who consumed the least amount of carbohydrates, they used between 209 and 278 extra calories or extras, compared to those who consumed this group of foods in greater quantity.

Maintenance diet is a low carbohydrate diet

The authors also explain that only by changing the proportion of macronutrients Without changing the number of calories, weight loss would be achieved and could also be maintained in the medium to long term.

The explanation of the previous one would be in the hormones, mainly 2: the ghrelin and the leptin that act differently when the consumption of carbohydrates is low.

O diet low carbon content, then it would also be the best maintenance diet.

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Finally, the researchers clarify:

"A low glycemic load and a diet high fat content can facilitate maintenance of the weight loss, in addition to the typical recommendation to perform a calorie restriction and to exercise more. "

In the end, the question would be: is the low carbohydrate diet a correct diet?

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