The lack of these foods in the diet can be deadly


A poor diet causes more deaths than Smoking and hypertension.

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Neither smoking nor suffering from hypertension cause as many deaths as poor diet, experts say.

People choose unhealthy eating options, such as red meat and sugary soft drinks, says Ashkan Afshin, an assistant professor in the Institute of Metrics and Health Assessment at the University of Washington.

In many countries, the poor diet now causes more deaths than smoking and hypertension, says Afshin.

Afshin, author of "The Most Comprehensive Review on the Effects of Diet on Health," published in the journal The Lancet, points out that there are two main problems in the current diet: they do not cover healthy foods and generally contain high levels of salt.

This means that, according to the researcher, the lack of healthy food is even more problematic than the consumption of scrap.

While traditionally all discussions about a healthy diet have focused on reducing unhealthy food intake, in this study we have shown that at the population level, low intakes of healthy foods are the most important factor, rather than high. Food intake not healthy.

Lack of whole grains, fruits, nuts and seeds, just as excess sodium in the diet causes one in five deaths. In other words, in 2017 they died 11 million people for these reasons.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk, calcium, nuts and seeds, fiber, vegetables or beans, omega-3 fatty acids from seafood and polyunsaturated fats, good fats found in salmon, vegetable oils and some nuts and seeds they are the products that are normally absent in the diet, according to the Afshin study, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The lack of whole grains in the diet is due to the fact that many of the products that are advertised as such, in fact they are not, warns Afshin.

Whole grains are included in ultraprocessed products that can be finely ground and add sodium, add free sugars and add saturated fats.

In fact, in Mexico, the lack of nuts and seeds is serious. In addition to the above, lack of clean water High availability means Mexicans consume large amounts of soft drinks and other sugary drinks, added Christian Razo, co-author of the study.

It turns out that while the consumption of red and processed meats, trans fats and sugary drinks is a health risk, Not so dangerous such as a lack of healthy food.

Diet Related Diets

O cardiovascular diseases related to diet were the cause of 10 million deaths; while the cancer caused 913 thousand deaths; and for the type 2 diabetes 339,000 deaths are attributed to him.

In the same vein, research indicates that the 66 percent of disabilities in 2017, they were caused by these diseases linked to unhealthy diets.

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