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The big challenge of flexible cell phones, a & # 39; fold & # 39; of the screen


The big challenge of flexible cell phones, a & # 39; fold & # 39; of the screen
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No one escapes at this moment that smartphones stopped a little, and is that the logical evolution of hardware and the transition to large-format cell phones, with their greater frontal use, have brought us terminals very similar to each other both in appearance and performance.

The differentiation was for colors and gradients, for AI and for an increasingly important camera, but it is true that the market experienced exhaustion and sales began to falter despite the news projects with retractable camera, as impressive as they are fragile.

And before this tessitura, still awaiting the 5G and perhaps in a hurry, the industry has been looking for Innovative formulas such as folding smartphones to show us the future, even taking risks, and so encourage the media and sales machine in the present.

It was not a surprise, but rather an old promise finally fulfilled, but despite having known with pleasure the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X in the Mobile World Congress 2019, there are many the doubts that remain around the folding cell phones, its durability and a flexible panel with not only unsightly but also apparently "delicate" folds.

The & # 39; WoW & # 39; effect, folds & durability: commitments against enthusiasm

It was the market itself that was in charge of teaching us the reality of smartphones that seem to have anticipated their own technology, and to show the button of the first units of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, canceled by youth problems as soon as they reach the hands of their first users, specialized journalists eager to touch the first foldable phone market still waiting for a new release date .

From the South Korean giant they showed excited to be at the forefront of the again, but they had to apologize for the problems with the delicate flexible panel of a model between a prototype and a commercial cutting device, and asked for time to resolve it diligently.

At least, it is true that it had not yet begun to be sold to the general public, and that Samsung will be able to compensate with a better Galaxy fold which costs almost 2,000 euros, a huge amount of money that prevents you from allowing such fragility. Commitments yes, the Early risers you already know that new technologies have their way to maturity, but what commitments are we willing to make? In exchange for using the first a foldable smartphone?

The enthusiasm of the market is obvious and logical, it is about the next generation of smartphones and we are facing the most used electronic device in the world, which promises us now tablet and smartphone experience all in one. Unique designs resulting from technological evolution give us all the productivity of a large screen that can be folded and stored in any pocket.

The fold will be there in the first generations of flexibility, but the industry must seek solutions

Not only the non-removable shield and dust in the folding mechanism have raised concern in view of the first videos in the Galaxy Fold hand, and that's it. the fold that looks right in the center of the flexible panel is more than obvious especially with the device turned off. Closing and opening a plastic film constantly causes it to stretch and contract, developing this fold, as if folding a poster and then unfolding it again.

Those who have tried to say that the fold is there and it is possible to live with it, is not appreciated with the dashboard and does not compromise the functionality of the deployed device, but it is certainly "ugly" and raises doubts about the durability of the panel in the short or medium term.

It is a potential problem, and although Samsung is already revising the plastic protector to improve its implementation It is true that manufacturers have to find solutions for a fold which seems to be the common denominator of the first generation of foldable smartphones.

The big challenge of flexible cell phones, a & # 39; fold & # 39; of the screen

It is already in her Corning, the signature behind the famous Gorilla Glass, chemically seasoned to provide the best protection for today's mobile devices, and is already looking for a flexible glass solution that is scratch-resistant and durable which would replace the protective plastic panels implemented in today's folding smartphones.

That yes, says Corning will not be ready for another year or two, then the first generations of folding phones will have folds yes or yes and will have to show us not only their usefulness, but also the price / performance ratio is justified and its durability is the most adequate for devices that are undoubtedly & # 39; Heavy users & # 39; They are looking for the best.

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