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The basements of Plaza Tlaxcoaque, Interior and Military Field 1 will be opened: Segob


On Corpus Christi's birthday, Thursday, Sánchez Cordero inaugurates the memorial where DFS was; "We have an obligation to know the truth": Alejandro Encinas.

48 years after the assassination of Corpus on Thursday, the federal government has committed to open the basements of several federal agencies who were torture centers during the so-called "dirty war" in Mexico.

"President López Obrador insisted and we will do it very soon, open the basement of the Ministry of Interior there in the streets of Bucareli, and there are others such as Plaza de Tlaxcoaque, torture center also in those years in the city and we will make known others places like Military Field 1, the military base of Saint Lucia, because not only do we have nothing to hide, but we have an obligation to know the truth of these facts, " said Alejandro Encinas, undersecretary of Human Rights, Population and Migration of Segob,

In the Plaza Morelia, located next to the building of 8 Morelia Street, that sheltered the extinct Federal Department of Security (DFS), the Secretary of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero, inaugurated the memorial "Circular de Morelia"

The Corpus Christi Massacre "It reminds us of all these unfortunate events, like what we lived in that day, we must remember them not to repeat them in the present, especially in the future," said Sanchez Cordero.

Never again the policy of erasing and disappearing

Before the wife of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and coordinator of the initiative Historical and Cultural Memory, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, the federal official mentioned that this tragic episode "wounded us as a society."

In the recent past, there was a state policy to erase and disappear not only the people who opposed this regime, but to erase their ideas and disappear from their examples of life and sacrifice. That is why, stressed Sanchez Cordero, that it is now essential to recover memory and history.

"Today, as a government exercise, we recognize the disappeared and survivors of gross violations of human rights, arbitrary detention, torture and extrajudicial detentions," said the secretary.

He recalled that in the building of the DFS dispatched characters such as Miguel Nassar Haro, Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios and Luis de la Barrera., among others, and many of those present shouted "murderers, murderers."

This building, marking the number 8, was a place of imprisonment, in which counterinsurgency practices, disappearances, arrests, torture of hundreds of men, women, minors, as well as the old regime were carried out to exterminate any attempt at opposition. and of discrepancy, and headquarters of the White Brigade.

During the ceremony, the documentary "The most painful inheritance was examined. Memory, Truth and Non-Repetition. "

Before relatives and survivors of the tragic Corpus Thursday, who in unison shouted "justice, justice," Sánchez Cordero described as a historical fact that the government recognizes this black episode that occurred in its basements, for which it is essential to rescue these testimonies, in order not to repeat them in the present or in the future.

He emphasized that making public the project "Sites of Memory, Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition is part of a series of mechanisms to dignify the memory of the victims."

Necessary, end of decades of impunity

In his speech, Segob undersecretary for human rights emphasized that the federal executive gave them the task of sparing no efforts, no work, from all areas of government to know the truth and do justice.

"To end this impunity that for decades has been undermining people's right to know what happened to their family, their daughter, their son, their father and we have to work together," Encinas said.

He said that in 2006, in order to seek the truth about what happened on June 10, was published the payroll of the Metro, which in those years was where the Falcons were paid by the then regent of the Federal District, Alfonso Martinez Dominguez. .

He stressed that there were many spaces for torture and repression, so under the instructions of the Federal Executive, the basements of the Plaza de Tlaxcoaque, the Interior and Military Camp Number 1 will be opened.

In many areas of public power, specifically, "we must demand the exercise of power for the good of the people, to leave behind that vision in which the interest of the State and the principle of authority to guarantee the principle of human rights prevailed." , their guarantee and respect for all and to reach a country where we can live in peace. "

After the act, the authorities moved to the Memorial, located in the basement of Circular Morelia 8, where they did a tour.

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