The 5 reasons why I did not sign the letter to AMLO against Jalende's asshole


It's not something I have to enter simply and simply because I do not have to do this

It's not something I have to enter simply and simply because I do not have to do this

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Some time ago I received the letter and the request to sign it by mail. While I am probably the person who had to defend against absurd legal attacks against me by Alfredo Jalife's sucker – I defeated him twice in long civil trials and four in complicated criminal trials – and though for years this guy I insulted and slandered Twitter, I did not sign because:

1.- Andrés Manuel López Obrador did not decide to mention Jalife in one of his morning press conferences. He spoke of the racist, misogynist, homophobic, anti-Semitic and even Nazi character just because they asked him. This is because Jalife himself used one of his friends to plant the question. He has achieved his purpose and must be happy for the attention he is receiving now with the letter.

2.- President López Obrador has the right to think that Jalife is a good person. It's not something I should get involved with. If AMLO asked me, I would give my opinion. If he does not, I will not give. I only hope that one day the President of Mexico, in that Jalife, will speak to the honest head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum.

3.- If Andrés Manuel gives you an order in the government, will surely be the first time that the huevón of Jalife works, which in his case would be a severe punishment. July Hernandez, columnist for The journey, proposed that the name AMLO Jalife ambassador to China, which I interpret as an elegant way of the famous Shipyard to send that face to the chinada.

4.- Andrés Manuel does not like to be pressed. So there is the possibility that the President of Mexico sees the letter, is annoyed and simply does the opposite of what the signatories ask him to do: employ Jalife only to learn not to enter what the admired should not be Enrique Krauze, the controversial Jorge Castañeda, the always disturbed Hector Aguilar Camin, the good columnist Joaquín López-Dóriga, the accelerated jurist José Ramón Cossío, the controversial Rafael Pérez Gay, the never very pondered Federico and Jesus Reyes Heroles, the normally balanced Angels Mastreta, the slanderer like Jalife, Mrs. Maria Amparo Casar, the witty Salmon Chertorivsky and others determined to exercise a veto right they simply do not have.

5. Jalife owes me money as a result of so many judgments in which I defeated him – at least he has to pay me the fees of lawyer Eduardo Ostos, who gave me generous discounts, but in any case he charged. So it's good for me to have a job, because if I'm still unemployed, the only thing I'll get if I get my demands is to use the blender, and the truth be told, I'm not willing to intoxicate myself by using it. Alfredo Jalife has money in Lebanon, but legally I have no chance to demand that he pay me. The one who would have to find out if these resources abroad are legal or paid taxes is Santiago Nieto, from the Financial Intelligence Unit, who may have more important matters to attend to.

So the letter that I did not sign as published by Carlos Loret on his website:

Mr. Andrés Manuel López Obrador

President of Mexico

National Palace

Mr. President:

We are very worried and concerned that at your April 24 conference you referred to Alfredo Jalife as "a very good person" and opened the possibility of considering you for a position in your government.

Alfredo Jalife is the extreme representative of hate speech on Mexican social networks. His method is not debate, but infamy, insult, threat, and defamation.

Women have been subjected to harassment and harassment. Homosexuality is the object of its degrading expressions. It usually resorts to racial and religious discrimination, especially against people of Jewish descent.

Twitter suspended your account not to surrender to its baseness.

Mexico needs a climate of respect, tolerance and conciliation, not of confrontation or anger.


Mariclaire Acosta Urquidi

Héctor Aguilar Camín

Matthew Aguilar Mastretta

Catalina Aguilar Mastretta

Luis Miguel Aguilar

Rubén Aguilar

Fabián Aguinaco

Ivonne Alcántara

Miguel Alcubierre

Ramses Ancyra

Sonia Arakelian

Homer Aridjis

Aurelio Asiain

Maria Baranda

Luis de la Barreda

Fernando Bazúa

Edmundo Berumen Torres

César Blanco

Carlos Bravo Regidor

Eduardo Caccia

Francisco Calderón

Luis de la Calle

Salvador Camarena

Amparo Casar María

Jorge G. Castañeda

Jorge Andrés Castañeda

Marina Castañeda

Ricardo Cayuela

Gabriela Cesarman

Solomon Chertorivsky

Magdalena Cisneros García

Professional Training & Coaching

Luisa Conesa

Santiago Corcuera Cabezut

Rolando Cordera

José Ramón Cossio

Juan Carlos Dávila

Jacobo Dayan

Christopher Domínguez Michael

Gregorio Dersdepanian

Carlos Dersdepanian

Carlos Elizondo

Mauve flowers

Alejandro Frank

Mario Luis Fuentes

Antonio García de León

Juan Pablo García Moreno

Fernando García Ramírez

Maria Josefa García Viveros

Sebastián Garrido

Roberta Garza

Oscar Gastélum

Diana Gatica

Angel Gilberto Adame

Daniela Gleizer

Daniel Goldin

David Gómez Álvarez

Claudio X. González

Olbeth Hansberg

Omar Hernández

Víctor Hernández

Irene Herner

Alejandro Hope

Gustavo de Hoyos

Julio Hubard

Esteban Illades

Edna Jaime

Arnoldo Krauss

Enrique Krauze

Marta Lamas

Jorge Landa

Luis Fernando Lara

Mario lavista

Antonio Lazcano Araujo

Marco Levario

Guadeloupe Lizárraga

Soledad Loaeza Tovar

Claudio Lomnitz

Jonathan Lopez Siemers

Joaquín López-Dóriga

Cassio Luiselli

Rafael Luna Fernández de Lara

Pablo Majluf

Héctor Manjarrez

Carlos Martínez Assad

Andrea Guadalupe Martínez Baracs

Rodrigo Martínez Baracs

Angeles Mastretta

Veronica Mastretta

Hector de Mauleón

Carlos Maza Pesqueira

Nicolás Medina Mora

Víctor Manuel Mendiola

Jean Meyer

Pablo Mijangos and González

Kathya Millares

Berenice Miranda

Manuel Molano

Ignacio Morales Lechuga

Translation and Localization

Maria Elena Morera

Myriam Moscona

Valeria Moy

Humberto Muñoz

Humberto Musacchio

Enrique Norten

Joel Ortega Juárez

Julio Patán

Eduardo Penagos

José Antonio de la Peña

Rafael Pérez Gay

Alejandro Pisanty

Jahziel Ponce

Gabriela Pulido Llano

Marco Provencio

Federico Reyes Heroles

Jesus Reyes Heroles

Jonathan Reyes

Javier Martín Reyes

Arturo Ripstein

Ana Sofía Rodríguez

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Alejandro Rosas

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Sara Sefchovich

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Ezra Shabot

William Sheridan

Javier Sicilia

Maruan Soto Antaki

Dalila Soto Ayala

Cecilia Soto

Jorge Suárez Vélez

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Alberto Szekely

Monica Tapia A.

Irene Tello

Leonardo Toledo

Joaquín Torrez

Isabel Turrent

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Alexandra Zapata


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