Scientists reveal the source of dangerous giant waves


A survey involving experts from the Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences made an incredible discovery: they found the solution to the equation not linear Schrödinger, which would serve to explain the emergence of giant waves.

The above was reported by the official website of the Russian scientific institution. They found that these waves of tens of meters of height, which throughout history have caused the sinking of numerous ships, as well as different waves of noise in optics and electronics, are produced as a result of non-linear processes.

Specialists point out that this type of phenomenon can not be explained within a system of linear equations, since its behavior does not correspond to the sum of the changes produced by each of the external factors separately.

"The way the waves distribute themselves on the surface of the ocean is not totally uniform," says Piotr Grinevich, a researcher at the Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics. . "As a result, high amplitude waves are produced," he adds.

But scientists have discovered that only in certain situations in the mid-1950s did these types of virtually unpredictable and chaotic systems return to their initial state, producing a kind of mathematical déjà vu.

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This investigation was based on observations of the light refraction coefficient of a crystal with non-linear optical properties, which produced this effect back to the initial state.

This work was published in October in the Physicist Review X.

The material concentrated the light on the illuminated areas with greater intensity, while the darker areas blurred it. The researchers were able to describe this behavior using the Schrödinger equation and have resulted in a series of simple formulas that can also be applied to predict giant waves.

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