Say goodbye to WiFi, know the LiFi, internet transmitted through the light


Say goodbye to WiFi and welcome Light Fidelity, the new technology in wireless internet, better known as LiFi, is developed by Signify (new name of the company Philips Lighting) and works through LED panels.

The waves emitted by these light sources allow the user to navigate with broadband internet, at a speed of 30 megabytes per second, without modifying the intensity of the lighting of the place.

"We are successful in the American market … It's to open our eyes to different lighting applications and see beyond," said Chris White, CEO of America. "The current goal of the market is to connect solutions and LiFi complements two tasks. of Signify.

Virus to let hackers hack into WiFi devices

He pointed out that, in the aspect of the work, this technology is intended to convey information without fear of risks related to data leakage or theft. "It's the idea of ​​building networks where, quickly and securely, you can send information and have lighting with any application," he said.

Although this technology is already used in Europe, Asia and part of America, White said that for the time being, it is available only to companies.

What is different from Wi-Fi?
The internet is transmitted through the waves emitted by the lighting with LED, White highlighted several contrasts with the WiFi.

"There are notable differences, for example LiFi does not go out … In addition, we have a very limited security, so it is used in government buildings or in banking and financial institutions," explained the CEO.


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