Santos tries to imitate Ajax's basic forces program



A great pride represents for the Santos Laguna the title obtained by its subsidiary Sub 13 in the Bancomer League because it is simply the result of the good work they have done in their inferior forces.

After triumphing over his colleague Pachuca at Estadio Azteca, José Riestra, vice president of Laguneros, boasted that the Verdiblancos made a big investment in his quarry, where he expressed, they are very clear about his mission.

"We care not only about the player on the court, but about everything he has around him. For the young and the children it is difficult sometimes to be away from the family and we must take care of all aspects, both sports and academic and personal, and then bear fruit. "

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With regard to rule 20/11 in the national league, he said that no institution operates by obligation with its young people.

"It's a matter of conviction, it's a matter of the teams believing in it, they have contributed to the same championship for many years and in the end is to create a good training process that helps not only the League but also the National Team" .

He ruled out that Santos feels better than the other teams in the formation of young promises, since "Pachuca also does very well, he has done this for many years." also Chivas, Atlas, Pumas, America, Cruz Azul, who in these times is doing it again. Tijuana is also doing a good job and in the north of the country Tigres and Monterrey do well. "

He also expressed that there is feedback among national football clubs because "we have exchanged lots of ideas, the clubs are open to share with other clubs."

In what percentage of their annual budget do they invest in the training of new football players, he replied: "I would say a lot to you; if we speak individually, we are the club that invests most for each player, because we decided in this model to have few players to invest A lot of time, effort, money, hours are dedicated; people who work in basic forces spend eight or ten hours working so that the young people can fulfill their dreams. "


On the other hand, he said he was worried about the preparation of coaches and instructors, who are mainly responsible for the emergence of young promises in Aztec football.

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"Coaches are the next step in Mexican football, I think it's where we get further." We have invested a lot in players, in development, in infrastructure; now we have to invest a lot in the coaches, in which they train. this happened and at Club Santos we made a great investment in training. "

On the other hand, he said that his director of basic forces, Eduardo Fentanes, is in the Netherlands, where he went to visit Ajax, the new semifinalist of the Champions League.

"It was to exchange ideas, see how to improve. There will be ten days there, with the people of Ajax, preparing and bringing the best to keep growing, he was in the training of the first team and with the director of basic forces."

"We have a great relationship with everyone, Carlos Arturo Cruz, coach of Sub 17, is returning from a course in Barcelona, ​​where he spent four months. González (manager of basic forces) also did that.I had 15 days ago.Football has become an industry and there are many international forums to exchange ideas and always try to be present. "


José Riestra was pleased to say that virtually all of the staff of the first team is the product of their prey.

"Our captain (Javier Abella) started his process in a Sub 15, At that time there was no Sub 13. Also Ulises Rivas, who lived stages in the World Cups, Arteaga, Angulo, Uriel Antuna, who went to Europe."

"There are a lot of people who are joining the project and this is wonderful, because from the age of 11 or 13 they start competing nationally and learn to live a night of concentration, to have a good meal, a good rest. boys (Sub 13) let them pick up their cell phones, they wanted to tell their parents about the championship. "


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