Roger Martinez is being seen by European teams


The Copa America and the Copa Oro are serving as a showcase for several American players.

The player who has been a big surprise for his football is Roger Martinez, the Colombian was the one who generated the least expectation of Coapa was the best football is developing and that is why the European teams are already interested in him.

In an interview for Pasión W, Santiago Baños stated that being in America is a good showcase for players because it is easier for them to notice them helped by their great performances.

"Roger is already attracting attention. They come to America and we put them on the sideboard.. They are players of the highest quality, they are representing their national team with dignity and they were expected to return to see it "

The sports president of America is waiting for possible casualties, at the moment he does not plan to bring any foreigners, since there are 11 in the workforce, but in case of any exit they will seek to hire a fetus in Mexico.

"We have 11 foreigners, we need to see what happens in the international tournaments, in addition to Edson (Alvarez), the players who have accompaniment are foreigners. If someone comes by one of them, I hope this does not happen, you can fill the gap with a foreigner For now we have 11 and we do not look for another "

We will have to wait until the competitions finish to know the destiny of our selected.

Roger Martinez is being seen by European teams


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