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Redemption of Ovid Guzmán in Culiacán in real time – Noticieros Televisa

This was the date of Ovidio Guzmán, the head of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and the empowerment of Cártel de Sinaloa, in real time. Despite press conferences and statements by federal and local civil servants, it is clear that questions persist over many of the key events of the 17th of October in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

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En punto present one elaborate chronology with first-hand brokers.

The hours corresponding to the time of the center of the Republic:

A las 3:00 pm, several undersecretaries of Security and Defense who return to Oaxaca for the presidential tour, if they fall Mexico City after receiving the operative message that was being carried out by Army ya la National Guardiabefore Federal police.

A las 3:30 pms, if it confirms that he has been detained at Ovid Guzmán Lopez in a house of the cross of the calls Alejandro Avilés and boulevard Manuel Romero, in the sector Three Rivers: “Lo tenemos”, indicated himself through a communication via chat ”.

To confirm it send photos of Ovid Guzmán Lopez taken inside the house.

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In a practically simultaneous way, he empied himself to receive reports of gunfire and the presence of armed men in this area of ​​Culiacán. Especially about the state inspectorate.

In the restaurants in the area the diners report having heard shots fired a few minutes after the arrest.

“I was just in the farallón restaurant that is very close to where I was from, all over the center, in the colony Tres Ríos. If it feels like a detonation that we think were cuetes, truisms, we think that it goes over, but at the second we say cuenta that were detonations. We have been in your house for four hours because at a time when I thought it was over, it drew up again ”, says Nicolás Celis, inhabitant of Culiacán, Sinaloa.

A las 4:00 pm, Guzmán Ovid had been relocated, dressed as a military man and with cubier face, at the base of the new military zone, in the colony Miguel Hidalgo de Culiacán.

The day after: Culiacán, city that awakened fearfully after balaceras

A las 4:30 pm the balaceras are increasing in different points of the city. Even though I am aware that 11 soldiers are being held by members of Sinaloa cartel.

A las 5:00 pm, reports of attacks in the area of ​​Marzo Housing Unit 21, where the military families' houses are located. Already the same time reports that en la casette of costa rica It is the securestro of three kites with fuel that guard a group of military.

Half an hour later 5:30 pm, according to several sources consulted. Sicarios del Cártel de Sinaloa advierten that, ovidio is not released, they will move the retained kites to the strategic points: the center zone and the farms sector, the east, and the popping zone.

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For an hour there have been reports of movement of armed men and balaceras in at least six points of Culiacán: between them to the northern border. The botanical garden and the malecón. At any moment the presence of municipal or state police is coming.

A las 18:30 hours if un exchange of signs between Cártel and elements of the Army.

One hour and then them 19:30 them military receive the order to release the El Chapo Guzmán the exchange of the retained military and to stop the refills throughout the city.

A las 19:45 hours, the military hands over to Ovidio Guzmán under unfamiliar circumstances. Quince minutes after, at 20:00 hours, the Syrians began to diminish their presence in the city.

28 minutes later City Security and Protection Office published in the social networks and the message that the members of the Security Office National, headed by Alfonso Durazo, informant during the afternoon in the signal capital.

With information from En Punto.


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