Real Madrid presents the new Santiago Bernabéu!


O Real Madrid announced today in a presentation to all the highs for the occasion, what will be the reform of the new Santiago Bernabéu. The great project of Florentino Pérez, who has been designing and negotiating this ambitious plan long ago to give the current European champion the best stadium on the planet.

"This is our home, here we grow with our values. With sacrifice, this club has faced each stage of its history as a challenge. This is a team of all your fans that is managed non-profit. A club for everyone and everyone. With these values, we work until today, a moment that we must remember. A stadium that will become an avant-garde icon. During our tenure, since 2000, we have invested 500 million in the improvement of our facilities, in the stadium and in Valdebebas. The future requires a modern and avant-garde stadium, a new and important source of income. It was a long way that was not easy », said Florentino Pérez at the beginning of the presentation.

Then the leader reported the following steps that will be taken to make the project that is now presented a reality: "Next week we will sign the funding and we will also reward the work. Dear Manuela, thank you for making it possible for you to have always thought about the city, thank you also for your team. The new stadium will be crucial for the city of Madrid, the best in the world. Soon, the first works will begin, Rafael Salgado Street will be pedestrian and there will be two spaces. Let's make an interactive museum with new augmented reality technologies ».

Then the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, took the floor: "Good morning. On a day like today I did not want to forget anyone, but I repeat friends and friends.When I saw the first video, I felt that pleasure transmitted by football.Those images with people laughing, crying for their team and their colors were aware as football is a determining factor Football is crucial in any of the most remote regions of our country We managed to mobilize football for the masses As mayor, I am proud to know the relevant role of football clubs in our city. give them the means to follow their own lines. They make up this playful part that shapes our lives ».

"I wanted to tell you how it is a lesson in how to develop in society. We opted for consensus urbanism. We believe this is resolved through dialogue. When we talked with Florentino, we talked about the difficulties of the great works and explained the ordeal to get here. Is important. There is a lesson from who has to manage different interests and that there is no absolute reason. In this regard, I thank this club for reaching consensus. It is very good that a team that generates so much wealth has an important vision that is to return this heritage to the city of Madrid. The whole environment will be at the expense of Real Madrid. When it arrives, it should be distributed. Many thanks and congratulations to all »Carmena finished.

The new stadium will have as main novelties the retractable cover, which will close the stadium in a short time. In addition, all booths will be covered and will prevent viewers from suffering in bad weather. The new stadium will have a 360º screen and many commercial spaces and entertainment within the stadium, which in turn will serve as the source of income for the entity.


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