Friday , July 30 2021

Rayados beat Cruz Azul and are among the top four

It was one of those nights when the result I got Blue Cross it would depend directly on José de Jesús Corona. The heavenly goalkeeper had responded to demands that the Monterrey, until he couldn’t take it anymore … One more oversight of the cement defense and it was over.

The defeat of Blue Cross at the Rayados’ house it generated a statistical phenomenon that fuels the possibility of a spectacular regular tournament closing. The Regiomontanos reached 29 units although they remained in the fourth position in the table by goal difference. Pumas (after the tie with Chivas), have the same units and were in second position; Cruz Azul also finished 29 in third place.

All closely hunted by America (28 points) and Tigres (27) who face each other today at the Azteca stadium.

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That is why the night that Corona had until the 58th minute was a “savior” and even after suffering the two places reappeared, although it was not enough to avoid defeat, since again, the offensive apparatus of the The machine went out again.

Goal. Recovery game for him Monterrey that Alfonso González collected within the area. A complicated auction that was found on the Funes Mori road to slightly deflect it and avoid the intervention of the Crown. Goal by Rayados in the 58th minute and celestials, row in search of a tie.

The tactical movements came, those of Robert Dante Siboldi, La Machine coach, seeks to return the game by sending offensive options to the field. A header by Juan Escobar that Hugo González defended perfectly and nothing more.

O Blue Cross He failed again in the game in which he managed to guarantee his direct classification and did not take advantage, which the Rayados did, to place a triple tie with 29 points between Pumas and La Maquina, which will make the closing of the tournament something spectacular. .

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