& Quot; Tizoc & quot; was one of the last films starring Maria Felix and Pedro Infante


It had been six months since Pedro Infante's tragic death, the pain of his departure after a plane crash was near the surface and in the 1957 newspapers the debut of "Tizoc" was announced in four theaters in Mexico City. one of the last films of Pedro and the only one that starred with Maria Felix.

"All of Mexico applauds it, all of Mexico acclaim it," says the poster published by EL UNIVERSAL in December of that fateful year. The beauty of Maria Felix was coupled with the bravery of Peter, who played a sensitive Indian who falls madly in love with the child Mary.

The beautiful landscape of Tenango das Flores, Puebla, is one of the scenes of this tragic love story in which racial barriers interpose between the characters. The film directed by Ismael Rodríguez was a success in Mexico and the Berlin Festival, where the actor was awarded a Silver Bear for his male performance.

Tizoc is a good-natured Tacuate Indian who, with the desire to show his love for María, makes her cry in one of the most emblematic scenes of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

It did not arrive in the premiere of "Tizoc". When Pedro Infante acted, he seemed "like a fish in the water", liked his work and liked to move in front of the cameras, besides, he had a strong instinct of observation and retained the images in his memory. On one occasion, he told EL UNIVERSAL that he used to study his movements in front of a mirror. "I look like a madman, watching me move my mouth, my hands or how I should take my steps," he said.

The actor celebrated his last saint accompanied by friends of the production. In the pages of this newspaper, it is said that at that time the celebration took place in the house Pedro had in Cuernavaca. He received mariachis and, as a gift, a Virgin of Guadalupe in polychrome sculpture for the chapel of his house.

The last scenes of the film were filmed in Oaxaca, but Pedro did not want to travel by plane, because eight years before his friend, the actress Blanca Estela Pavón, died in a plane crash when he moved from that city to the capital.
For this reason, the actor preferred to move by car, but when he took a wrong turn, arrived six hours late. However, he died six months later in an air crash.

Success in Mexico and Berlin. On June 23, 1957, EL UNIVERSAL reported the success of "Tizoc" in Europe, the film was presented in Berlin. "Frequent applause has made the Mexican film" Tizoc "present at the Berlin Film Festival, where viewers particularly appreciated the admirable images of the Mexican interior exhibited by this film," he says.

On July 2 of the same year, it was announced that Pedro Infante had been awarded at the Berlin Festival with the Silver Bear for his male performance in "Tizoc".

On October 23, 1957, an unprecedented homage was rendered to him. The film debuted successfully in theaters Alameda, Américas, Polanco and Mariscala in Mexico City.

"Tizoc" is one of the last two films made by Pedro Infante and is yet to be released, it is in color, in Cinemascope (a filming system characterized by the use of large images in filming), has a plot interesting and, above all, the biggest attraction for movie fans: it is the only and last meeting of that pair of movie colossi, Pedro Infante and María Félix, "says EL UNIVERSAL.

The actress wore Mexican regional costumes that further enhanced her beauty and beauty.

Tizoc, a Tacuate Indian who hunts, falls in love with Mary at first sight, his beauty so impresses him that he thinks she is the Virgin of his parish.

Maria, a city woman of strong character, takes refuge in provincial landscapes to forget the betrayal of her fiancé Arturo, but is surprised by the tenderness of Tizoc.

"The frog flies from one passionate to another to bring his love, and when lovers die, their souls enter the zenith to continue singing their love for God," says Tizoc to Mary in one of the most remembered scenes of the film, a prelude to the tears of María Felix when Pedro Infante sings "I love you".

Then a mess generated by a handkerchief complicates everything, and the drama takes history to a tragic end in which Tizoc and Mary die on top of the mountain when the owl sings.

In October 1957, María Felix spoke with EL UNIVERSAL about Tizoc. "Pedro was an excellent companion and best friend, during the filming of the film we reaffirm our friendship more and more, but we understand well: friendship," he said.


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