& Quot; Captan & # 39; for Chapo Guzmán at the Coachella Festival


Indio, California /

The second weekend of the musical festival of Coachella, where artists like Impala Tender, Ariana Grande, Children's Gambino, Diplo and more. In the midst of the buzz of the people, highlighted the & # 39; attendance & # 39; of Joaquín & El Chapo & # 39; El Chapo & # 39; El Chapo & # 39; Guzman during the performance of The Toucans of Tijuana.

Despite a few weeks ago, Guzman was found guilty of drug trafficking charges, the fans present at the music festival did not forget the Mexican and presented an impression of his face.

Image was captured by the photographer of Los Angeles Time, Kent Nishimura, where you can see a young man raising the printed face of Chapo Guzman, as if he were a pop artist.

The Coachella festival continues this Saturday and ends tomorrow with Ariana Grande closing the performance.


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