Prohibition of TV Azteca, a governor? … Pedro Sola reveals po


With his characteristic personality, Uncle Pedrito, Pedro Sola, explained in his YouTube channel the reason for his absence for a month on that platform: without prohibitions of Aztec Nothing, it was all because of the death of her older sister, Coral.

The driver of "Ventaneando" told in a video of almost 20 minutes that in December he was told that Coral did not leave the bed in his house in Veracruz. After studying, he knew that he had bone cancer, especially in those of the pelvis.

The doctors recommended chemotherapies that she did not want but finally agreed to take them to a very expensive hospital in which she considers, they treated her the wrong way, because a chemotherapy that should last 4 hours to pass, lasted an hour and a half, from there the chaos broke out.

Hours later, her sister could not breathe, so the doctors proposed to pass her on to intensive therapy and intubate her. Pedro had to remind them that his sister had already signed a document in which she refused to to be intubated and resurrected. Fortunately, after several hours, Coral came out of that trance and even told one of his children

"No wey mom, in the morning I missed them and they were fucking my hair!"

A doctor told Pedro that they put a lot of serum and was filled with water around the heart "Do me the favor, in the hospital, very expensive, first class, luxury, what happened!".

After this episode, her sister lived a few more weeks and was transferred to Veracruz, until he died on March 10.

"Suddenly, he said goodbye and died. So you will imagine that this trance so tremendous that I suffered in life … it is not easy to be one hundred percent one with personality, one sitting in front of the camera in Sale yes because there is my work and no way, you have to do this, you come with a good face I tried to forget the problem I had, I made the program very happy, the audience there probably did not realize what I was internally suffering , but it was what happened to me, "he said remarkably moved, and added.


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