Program of stays for children deprived of resources: de Morena deputies


O Chairman of the Budget Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, ensured that a review of the resources allocated to the children's stays because not only were there irregularities in two or three, but it was already a scheme that was not working and became a system of diversion of resources.

In a press conference, Ramírez Cuéllar said that the benefits that were initially the program of Child Stay were gradually disappearing and in some segments, has become a very important source of misuse of resources and neglect of children, and this was the reason for the budget cut.

"It was a very system that was not working. The benefits that this scheme initially had were gradually disappearing and in some a very important source of misuse of resources and neglect of children and it was also what took us to take the measure that you know, "said Ramírez Cuéllar.

Morena's lawmaker announced that There is a working group that is reviewing, with the assurance, that a more stable, more robust and transparent Child Stay System will be created so that no child is left unattended.

"We are in direct contact with the authorities of the country SEP and the Welfare Bureau because the guarantee is full, there will be no children left unprotected, and also mothers should be sure that the care in the children's rooms will arise based on a completely renewed scheme, which I believe in the coming days we can make them known, " he said.

In this context, Ramírez Cuéllar promised that there will not be a single child or mother who will be without the service and explained that, two weeks ago, the Finance, Public Education and Social Assistance authorities are analyzing the issue and, come have a proposal.

"A review is being made especially for all problems of misuse of resources, a heavy burden of intermediation of administrations, but also with firm conviction and with the complete decision of the Executive and also the Legislative, the strengthening of this system of a much more consolidated scheme in terms of children's stays.

"I believe that all these review work being done will allow us, as of next week, because we could have a proposal that will help us and ensure that absolutely all children will be cared for, all mothers will be protected and in order to have a robust system of child stays in the country, "said lawmaker Morena.

Deputies promise to address children's issues

The federal deputies of the Workers' Party (PT) pledged, before representatives of the children's rooms, to participate in the necessary reforms to continue working, and called on the head of the Secretariat of Welfare, Maria Luisa Albores, to issue as soon as possible the rules of the operation.

"The political coordinator of Morena, through my channel, says that the laws will have to be reviewed and if a correction will be made, this will be done," said Deputy José Luis Montalvo (PT).

After the demonstration that took place outside the National Palace and the Chamber of Deputies, the children's room directors entered San Lazaro and participated in the National Forum for Constitutional Early Childhood in Mexico organized by the PT.

"Each year are published operating rules, when there is a change of government transition, as in this case, tax legislation establishes the possibility of publication until the last day of February, then follow the rules established, it is not violating anything," said Montalvo .

He assured them that from the Legislature they ask the Welfare Bureau to issue these operating rules as soon as possible, and he expects the nine thousand and five hundred stays currently in operation in the country to continue their duties after the issue. guidelines.

"One of the worst situations that this administration encountered in the delivery of the reception was that there was a lot of duplicity of functions, there were people charging for doing nothing and today the budget cut goes in that direction, I call to wait for the issuance of the rules of operation so that let's know where they are going, "he said.

Montalvo also pointed out that President Andres Manuel López Obrador's statements about the fact that in the children's housing project "there is party participation, like the PAN, is a comment that expresses" certain concerns "without support.

"We can not say that what has been done in a six-year term necessarily has a political tie, no, we know many administrators of children's rooms who are even apolitical, have no political preference, it seems to me that it is only a comment from the president, but he has no support, "he said.

However, during the forum held at the Auditorium Aurora Jiménez of the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro, some members of the PAN raised posters in favor of the children's bedrooms and the parliamentary group logo.

The chairman of the Lower House Budget and Accounts Committee, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar, explained that there were meetings with the Secretaries of Finance and Welfare to review the status of the stays included in the budget. program.

"This is something we are reviewing, we contacted the Ministry of Finance, SEP and the Social Assistance Secretariat, we will analyze this issue and believe that in the coming days we will have the possibility to inform them with more details, "he said.


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