Possible PlayStation 5 specifications are filtered


Last week, Sony's decision not to participate in E3 next year was announced. Today a new information has been leaked related to the successor specifications of the PlayStation 4 and its possible launch date for the market.

There is a lot of speculation about the reasons that led Sony not to participate in the world's biggest video game event, E3. Through the Reddit account of the same user who leaked Sony's decision regarding E3, the possible specifications of the PS5 were known.

RuthenicCookie wrote that Sony aspires to present the console in the PlayStation Experience. The possible release date of PS5 would be March or November of the year 2020.

Possible PS5 Specifications

RuthenicCookie described the PS5 as a very powerful console. Able to support 4K / 60 steadily. It would have an 8-core Ryzen CPU that fits with the previous rumors. Another detail would be that the console would use a custom GPU based on the AMD Navi architecture.

Most developers would already have the PS5 development kit. It is speculated that the console can cost a total of $ 500 at the time of its release. RuthenicCookie pointed out that in terms of throwing games, there would be 3 top starters. The last of the US II, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima would be chosen to lead the PS5 launch.

It is not known if the console will allow compatibility with previous versions, but is something that would be well received by Sony users. The PlayStation VR would also have its successor with a built-in camera. Sony would be developing a new PlayStation Move controller and virtual reality gloves. It is still a rumor, but will be waiting until the time when the official details of Sony's product.


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