Poles prevent Jimenez and Wolves from coming against Brighton in the yawning game


The Wolverhamptonteam mexican Raúl Jiménez, simply could not with the Brighton and Hove Albionwith him tied 0-0 in a game to oblivion and where the Poles were fundamental, thus wasting the possibility of entering seventh in the Premier League England.

In the mourning corresponding to the Conference 35 of the English league, Wolves They could not desecrate the goal of the visitor in an afternoon where Jiménez went blank but played 90 minutes.

Brighton struggled not to enter the relegation zone and took an important spot at Molineux Stadium in London and moved to two points Cardiff City which is 18 of the general table.

From the beginning the Wolves They were on the attack, Diogo Jota tried to score in the goal of Mat Ryan, but there was no success and in minute 3 he sent a cross to the right that was deflected by the visitor back.

Jimenez He had a header for the 4 & # 39;, which was released and went over the side of the Brighton goal.

The options continued and Matt Doherty had the third goal in the poor exit of Brighton, although he had sent the ball.

Jota had another goal for 32& # 39 ;, Took Raul's screen, shot and again on one side and 45 & # 39; put the ball on the crossbar to continue with the 0-0.

The visitors replied to the 53 & # 39 ;, when Beram Kayal kicked the goal of Rui Patricio.

João Moutinho He had faith and had approaches, the first 60s sent a stray shot in the second, 64 & # 39; has launched a past center to drown some chances of goal.

Raul made another shot for 69th that ended.

In the clearer objective of the second part, again the combination between Jiménez and Jota He put his hair on the visit that ended with another Portuguese shot at goal with a header.

Local pressure continued but the winning goal did not close this 0-0 which is bad for Wolverhampton and pure gold for Brighton.


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